Saturday, July 20, 2013

Racial Harmony Day 2013

Hi everyone,

Happy Racial Harmony to all of us. 
Can you remember what are the
happenings we had for 
Telok Kurau Primary family?  

Let me share some of the moments captured during the commemoration of
Racial Harmony Day.


Batik printing, Calligraphy and Henna hand drawing.


On 15th July, we had pledging of Orange ribbon
in commemoration of RHD  as a symbol of
trust and friendship.

The lucky P5 students gets to watch the NE Show at Marina Bay platform. I'm sure it was a great experience for them.

And...they get to watch the FIREWORKS display!!!!!

We also had Spin A Value Games station for the whole week. The games was fun to play, and of course the gifts was attractive too right?  ;)

And there is KITES assembly program by NTUC Income. 
Beautiful, isn't it? :)

Last but not least, Teacher's had a great time too playing
"HIT ME!" game and sharing of their
childhood memories.  

It's time to reflect on our experience for RHD 2013.
Share with us your views and thoughts!

P1- P3
1) What values have you learnt from this experience?

2) How can you apply and display this value in school?

P4 - P6

1) What do you like/dislike about the experience? Why?

2) How do you feel about the experience?

I look forward in reading your views and thoughts.

 Meanwhile enjoy the rest of the week. 



Anonymous said...

We learnt about:
Respect - not saying unkind things about practices of other races because they are different from our own
Harmony - playing and working together as a group even if we are of different races

Anonymous said...

5 Justice says:

We learnt about respecting pupils from other races during RHDay. We also learnt about the different costumes of other races. In addition, we learnt about other religions. Overall, we enjoyed the activities planned for the RHD.

Anonymous said...


We learnt about Care and Respect. We need to care for other races and respect their cultures. We also remind ourselves of harmony, Singaporeans need to live harmoniously.

We can apply this in school by 1) We do not say bad things about other races. 2) We do not fight. 3) We do not make fun of others and leave them out of activities.

Mdm Liew Hwee Hong said...

2 Care:
We learnt about being harmonious with each other despite of our different races and believes. We learn to be more respectful to each other, especially our cultures.
We can apply these values in school by respecting each other and learn and play harmoniously with each other at all times.

Anonymous said...

From 6 Humility:

Through the activities, we are glad that we learn to show respect to other races by not making fun of them and to appreciate the diversity in Singapore. It is about the value of respect and harmony that Singapore is able to continue to enjoy the peace and stability.

2 Respect said...

We have learnt the values of harmony, respect and care.
We must play or work with friends of different races. We should not make fun of the people in different races. Also, we must help everyone in need, regardless of their races.

Anonymous said...

From 4 Resilience:
The carom and other displays from the different booths were fun and we can wear traditional attire. We have learnt there's more than 4 races in Singapore and we should live harmoniously together.

5 Care said...

Pr 5 Care
We like the kite-flying show in the hall. There were different types of kites and the kite flyer was really engrossed when he was flying the kites. The RHD week was meaningful as we learnt the different cultures of the different races.The cultural games have taught us to learn how to play the games.

P3 Respect said...

1) What values have you learnt from this experience?
- Value of harmony and respect. - - Different cultures/traditional games
- There are people who are less fortunate than us
- Be thankful

2) How can you apply and display this value in school?
- Play and work harmoniously with other children
- Be appreciative/thankful

P3 Care said...

We learnt to respect the different cultures. From this, we also understand friends of other races and therefore can play and work harmoniously with them.

P5 Responsibility said...

We experience the traditional games in the Hall during the Cultural Bazaar. Some of us enjoyed the Orange Ribbon song and we learnt about other cultures and practices and understand why they practice it that way.

5 Harmony said...

We got to go to the NE Show to see the National Day Parade. The BMX Show and the Fireworks Finale excited us the most! They were very interesting and fascinating to watch.
The Cultural Bazaar showed different things done by the different races, making us know more about what they do during different festivals.
We feel that we have learnt a lot more about one another and we will try not to fight with one another because of our racial differences.

Anonymous said...

4 Care

1) What do you like/dislike about the experience? Why?

We enjoyed the variety of activities from the "Stories from the Trunk" pre-activity to the "Spin-a-value" games, Cultural Bazaar and the Kite Assembly Show during the two-week RHD commemeration.

We learned many things about our heritage,culture, our forefathers and even about ourselves and our friends.

We learn that regardless of our differences, we must make friends with everyone. We have many similarities among us that make us Singaporean.

2) How do you feel about the experience?

We were excited, happy and grateful that our school has many interesting activities for us. We look forward to National Day and activities lined up for us!

6 Respect said...

We found the activities engaging and meaningful. We watched a youtube video (blue and brown eye experiment) on discrimination and realised the negative impacts of discrimination and we are now more aware of the importance of Racial Harmony, especially in our country, Singapore where we are made up of people of different races, cultures and religions. From this enriching experience, we strengthen our resolve to maintain and promote Racial Harmony!

4 Responsibility said...

4 Responsibility...

We like these activites:
Batik printing, henna, Spin-a-value, Spot the Difference and Bingo Card.

We learned more about one another's cultures. We also learn more about the different costumes and games that our friends of other races wear/play.

P2 Harmony said...

We respect our friends from other races by not laughing at them or make fun of them. We show care to the other students of other races even though they are not from our class. We do not lie to them. We should not be breaking their hearts by being mean to them. If they feel frightened, we will console them and tell them something good to make them happy again.

5 Kindness said...

We learnt that we need to understand other races' practices and respect each others' cultures. Only then can we live harmoniously.

We like the Henna Printing and NE show alot, especially the fireworks and Red Lions.

Anonymous said...

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