Monday, November 16, 2009

10th NE Heritage Islanwide Trail 2009

Hi everyone,
6 pupils from our school represented TKPS in the above event which was organised by Rivervale Primary School. They are:
1) Gianella - 1 Harmony
2) Rathi Priya - 2 Peace
3) Ang Hui Shan - 3 Harmony
4) Nur Liwani - 4 Harmony
5) Nirmal Kishore - 5 Joy
6) Vanessa Poon - 6 Harmony

It was a tiring, yet fun filled day. Our pupils demonstrated the school value of Resilience to persevere throughout the trail. Well done!! SO PROUD OF YOU!!

Attached is a videoclip of the photos which were taken during the trail. Please view and feel free to type your comments..

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Cultural Exchange Programme with Kong Hwa Primary School

Hi friends of Kong Hwa Primary School!
We would like to welcome you to Telok Kurau Primary School once again:)

I am sure you had an unforgettable, fun-filled and enriching experience the past 3 days.

Now it is time for some reflection.

Take some time to think through the following questions together with your partner.

1) 3 things you have learnt during this exchange programme.

2) 2 things you have enjoyed during the exchange programme.

3) 1 thing you would want to learn from a friend from another race in the

future exchange programme.

You can then post your reflections on the Blog.


1) Do leave both your names at the end of the reflection.

2) Write the name of your school beside your own name in brackets ( ).

e.g John (Telok Kurau) , Martin (Kong Hwa)


Hi P6 Darlings!
Kudos to you all for coming far and through in the last leg of your primary school education:)
I am sure you guys had put in your best of effort during the PSLE. Keep up the fantastic work and wishing you good luck in advance for your results!

I am sure you had fun during the project work.
Now it is time for some reflection..

Please take some time to think through the following questions:

1) 1 thing I truly enjoyed about the Project work.

2) 2 things I have learnt from this Project work.

3) 2 things I would do to improve on the Project work.

After thinking through these questions, post your reflection on the Blog.

Happy blogging and best wishes!