Thursday, July 23, 2009

Attention to all Mother Tongue Teachers( Reflection on RHD)

The Mother Tongue Dept, NE Dept and the Art Dept put in a lot of effort in making Racial Harmony Day in TKPS a memorable and successful event. Well Done TKPS!

Now it is time for reflection.

Mother Tongue teachers, please go through these following reflective questions with your class during the Cultural Period and post your views as a class.

1) Why is it necessary to accept and appreciate other cultures and races?
2) Why is it necessary to celebrate RHD in Singapore?
3) What will happen to Singapore if there is no racial harmony?

Teachers, you may feel free to add in other questions as well. You can also add in your own views. I have also uploaded some of the pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Attention P5 Teachers and students (NE SHOW Reflection)

Hi P5 Teachers and Students,

I am sure you had a wonderful time during the NE Show on the 11th July at Marina Bay.
Despite the heavy downpour we "Stood Up" proudly for Singapore.
It is now time for some reflection.

I would like to request the P5 teachers to go through the following questions, collate the answers and post it on the NE blog as a class.


1) How did you feel before going to the NE Show? (excited? happy? etc)

2) How did you feel about the show itself?

3) How did you feel when the National flag flew past the stadium?

4) Which was your favourite segment?

5) If given a chance would you want to be part of the NE show? (Marching contingent, performers and etc) Why?

P5 Teachers, please feel free to add in other questions when reflecting with your students.

It would be great if you could post your reflections/comments by 24/7/2009 (Fri)
I have also added a slideshow of some of the photos for your viewing. Enjoy!