Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Attention P5 Teachers and students (NE SHOW Reflection)

Hi P5 Teachers and Students,

I am sure you had a wonderful time during the NE Show on the 11th July at Marina Bay.
Despite the heavy downpour we "Stood Up" proudly for Singapore.
It is now time for some reflection.

I would like to request the P5 teachers to go through the following questions, collate the answers and post it on the NE blog as a class.


1) How did you feel before going to the NE Show? (excited? happy? etc)

2) How did you feel about the show itself?

3) How did you feel when the National flag flew past the stadium?

4) Which was your favourite segment?

5) If given a chance would you want to be part of the NE show? (Marching contingent, performers and etc) Why?

P5 Teachers, please feel free to add in other questions when reflecting with your students.

It would be great if you could post your reflections/comments by 24/7/2009 (Fri)
I have also added a slideshow of some of the photos for your viewing. Enjoy!


Mdm Irwani said...

Never been to any NDP show.Felt thrilled to be able to see everything 'live'.

Mdm Irwani

Anonymous said...

My class, 5Ha found the Ne Show to be a most unforgettable experience... the experience wasamazing... especially when they said the pledge and sang the national athem in the rain. it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience :)

Zalina Zakariah-Ismael

5 Hope (Part 1) said...

We were thrilled & anxious as for many of us, that was our 1st LIVE NE show in all our 11years!!
While seated at the GREEN SECTOR, we were so excited - just couldn't wait for the show to begin. When the F-16s flew past, we all gasped in awe and were in rapt attention waiting in anticipation for the RED LIONS to 'fall down' from the sky.

5 Peace Rocks! said...

We thoroughly enjoyed the NE Roadshow! We were very proud when we sang the National Anthem. We realised that we cannot take peace and harmony for granted. We will do our part to ensure that Singapore will continue to be a safe and properous country.
Majulah Singapura!!


Anonymous said...

From 5 Joy
We felt excited, enthusiatic and thrilled before going for the show. At the show, we can't believe that we were actually there. We are proud to be a Singaporean when the flag flew past and Singaporeans were standing to sing the national anthem.

The rain did not hinder us from singing the national song and we experienced it for the first time in our life.

We had fun.

5 Love said...

5 Love was very nervous and excited when we were waiting in the classroom endlessly for the buses to arrive.

The show was filled with great actions, interesting characters, funny dialogue, fantastic music and songs and the brilliant and colourful fireworks.

All of us felt proud and patriotic, and we stood upright when we saw the flag. We stared at it till the national anthem ended.

Except for one, the class liked the terrorist attack segment the most, because of the loud blasts of the bombs, the weapons and military vehicles moving all over the place. It was very thrilling and we felt so scared, as if we were involved in a real attack.

5 Love would love to be involved in the NE Show because it will be a great experience, and we can be part of a big performing family. We will also have a chance to perform in front of a big audience. We want to serve our country in every little way.

Anonymous said...

5 Humility...

When we heard that we were going for the NE show, we could not contain our excitement. We asked if we could bring our cameras,if we could bring snacks....if we could ..bombarding our teacher with a barrage of questions.

We enjoyed ourselves greatly at the NE show. It was a time we felt ONE regardless of race, language and religion. With the Singapore skyline as the backdrop of the show, it was a sight to behold with contingents in their well-pressed uniforms marching smartly and performers resplendent in their costumes giving their best show for Singapore.

The segment we like best was watching the parachutists making their landing. We "wowed" when we heard the number of dives they had had, which obviously showed in their perfect landing.

We were high in our spirits throughout the show. The heavy downpour could not in anyway dampen how we felt. We love Singapore and we are proud to be Singaporean!!!

nirmal(5joy) said...

from nirmal(5joy)
-I felt very excited about going to the National day parade.I felt very proud to be a singaporaen.The others were proudly singing the National Anthem espeacially the army's were saluting to the national flag,it was a great full sight.The host's were talking graetfull and making intresting for others.My favorite segment is the army planes were dashing each other,it was a graetfull sight.I want to be a marching continngent because I want to be very proud to be a singaporean.

Bernard Soh said...

It was very exciting! I'm so proud to see the Singaporeans working together to put together this show. It makes me feel that with unity, we can achieve all things.