Thursday, July 23, 2009

Attention to all Mother Tongue Teachers( Reflection on RHD)

The Mother Tongue Dept, NE Dept and the Art Dept put in a lot of effort in making Racial Harmony Day in TKPS a memorable and successful event. Well Done TKPS!

Now it is time for reflection.

Mother Tongue teachers, please go through these following reflective questions with your class during the Cultural Period and post your views as a class.

1) Why is it necessary to accept and appreciate other cultures and races?
2) Why is it necessary to celebrate RHD in Singapore?
3) What will happen to Singapore if there is no racial harmony?

Teachers, you may feel free to add in other questions as well. You can also add in your own views. I have also uploaded some of the pictures for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Our Responses:

1) We believe that to continue to live in a peaceful & harmonious community, we ought to maintain good relationships with people of different cultures & races.

2)In celebrating & commemorating RHD in Singapore, it serves as a reminder to us that racial harmony is vital to contribute to our socially & economically stable country.

3) We imagine a situation where there'll be bloodshed everywhere, riots, strikes and worst, bombings & terrorism.

Pri 5 ML Class ( Cikgu Liana)

Anonymous said...

Consolidating P3 & P4 responses:

1) It is essential for racial understanding to prevent any conflicts and misunderstanding between the various races and cultures.

2) Celebration of RHD helps to encourage awareness of the importance of accepting and appreciating the harmony within Singapore.

3) There will be riots which will significantly affect the economy of Singapore.

Mrs Low-Koh Ying Sin

Anonymous said...

Our Responses:

1) So that we know about our differences and we will not quarrel with each other.

2) To maintain peace and harmony.

3) There will be racial riots and chaos.

Primary 4, Chinese Class, Mdm Pamela Leck

Anonymous said...

p5hcl class,MS chow

1.we have to know other culture because only then we can live together in harmony.

Anonymous said...

p5hcl class,MS chow

1.we have to know other culture because only then we can live together in harmony.

2.It is necessary as it reminds us to respect the people of other races.

3.It is nescesary as it reminds us torespect other culture and prevent riot in singapore.

Anonymous said...

p5hcl class and p4 reinforcement class, MS Chow

1.To know more about the culture and other races,understand them better and there will be more harmony and peace.With the harmonious relationship, it will be easier to make friends from other races.

2.To let Singaporeans commemorate the racial riot that happened in Singapore, and to let them know that only peace and harmony,make everyone's relationship become closer,everyone will be able to live in harmony, and the society will be better.

3.Without RHD, Singaporeans may not know the importance of living in harmony. The reason to have RHD is to remind singaporeans not to have racial riot again.

Anonymous said...

1.Because we are all live in earth. Everyone is equal.

2.It will remind us that everyone is equal.

3.People will hate each other and there will no peace in Singapore.

Ms. Chang, Chia-Hsuan
(From P1.P2 CL students)