Saturday, April 06, 2013

International Friendship Day 2013

Hi everyone,
We hope that you have enjoyed the activities lined up for you during the 
IFD commemoration this year. 
Let's recap some of the activities we had during IFD Commemoration....

Heart 2 You dedication,  BFF  Challenge,  

Prata journey  , Friendship band making, International food sale,

 NE-Thing quiz,  Balinese Kecak performance, Assembly programmes

 and many more.

So what was your  favourite activity 

 what have you learnt from it?

Do share with us.

Meanwhile enjoy some of the photos that I will upload soon..
Hope to hear from you... Adioss... (^ _ ^)


Pr 5 Care said...

The different activities were enjoyable. Some of us took part in the activities.Our favourite ones were the Prata Journey and the Kerchak Performance. Some of us got to taste the fluffy,delicious,soft pratas. What was interesting was that the pratas were made in our canteen itself. It was a 'live telecast'of the prata making in the canteen. Yummy!Kerchak performance was interesting because it looked like they were performing a dikir barat.The language was strange. Most interesting is that we found that the Kerchak dance was invented a German. That is really international!It was an awesome week on the whole.

Anonymous said...

4 Care

We enjoyed all the activities.

We had fun. The Prata Journey Assembly was entertaining and exciting. Uncle Maurice was funny and serious about Prata.

The prata-making was interesting and we learnt that it is not easy to make prata.

Through this year's IFD commemoration, we learnt that it is important get to know our international friends better so that we can understand them better.

P4RL(2013) said...

NE Thing Quiz is interesting because we get to learn how to be friends with other countries.

We love making the friendship bands because the product is very pretty and cute.

We appreciate the Mercy Relief Team sharing their experiences to us.

All the activities are fun.

The Awesome 5 Responsibility :) said...

We love Prata Journey- especially the prata--soo delicious! We learn about the history of prata too.

The frienship band activity was fun because we get to create for our friends and donated some to Mercy Relief for their fundraising

We would like to have more fun and exciting games and...more prata again next year!

We also learn how different cultures came together to form Singapore.

P3 Respect said...

Our favourite activities are:
1)BFF Challenge
We got to work with our friends. We learnt about harmony, teamwork and different cultures.

2)Prata Journey
We learnt about the recipe for prata making, history of prata and purpose of pulling the teh tarik. We enjoyed watching Mr Samy flipping the prata.

P6 Humility said...

We loved the prata journey because we are able to learn about other cultures. We have a friend in our class who is an expert at making prata. It was amazing how he did the double flip without looking.

We also learnt how to make friendship bands. They are symbols of our friendship. We can give them to our new friends especially the international ones to make them feel welcomed in Singapore.

The show and exhibits by Mercy Relief made us realise that life is precious and disasters can happen anytime. When they happen, we must offer a helping hand to those in need. Example, we can donate money, food items, books and toys to them.

P3 Care said...

P3 Care.....
We learnt to make beautiful friendship bands and give them to friends from other countries. We learnt the culture of different countries. We enjoyed making prata.

The Rowdy 3 Resilience said...

P3 Resilience liked The Prata Journey. The prata was delicious and satisfying. The prata was also crispy and soft. We liked it very much!!! We had fun making the prata during recess in the Prata Making Challenge. The assembly programme was also entertaining; esp The Alphamind and Bobo!! Bobo was a very funny character. He can act well. The slow motion scene was hilarious and entertaining. We enjoyed the show very much!!! We liked making the friendship bands and watched our International friends did a video about themselves and their countries. We think that IFD Commemmoration is important because we learnt a lot about our International friends and their diverse cultures.

2 Care (2013) said...

2 Care:
We enjoyed the Prata Journey the best because we learnt to flip the prata in proper way. We learnt about the history of prata through the Assemby Programme arranged for us. We also liked Mrs Low's assembly talk, teaching us the way of saying 'Thank You' in different languages.

2 Respect said...

The class loves the Prata Journey. It is because they enjoyed the process of making Roti Prata and learnt how to flip the Prata.

Ms Usha said...

1 Resilience :

We enjoyed making the prata during recess and we also enjoyed the assembly show performed by Prata Journey.

We were excited when the lady made the teh tarik with 4 cups.It was an incredible sight.Some of wish we could get a chance to make the teh tarik too :)

We learnt how to make prata and got to know people from other countries.

1 Harmony said...

1 Harmony enjoyed the activities prepared for IFD., especially the Prata Journey. It was a new learning experience for them.

Anonymous said...

P2 Kindness

We enjoyed the Prata Journey. We learn to make the prata and teh tarik.
We now know that prata comes from India.

Anonymous said...

1 kindness

We love the prata journey show as the storyteller was really interesting.

Some of us got to make our own prata too!

P2 Harmony said...

Our favourite activity for IFD commemoration is the Prata Journey. It was very fun to flip the prata. The pratas were in pink, green and peach and we learned that they added food colouring to them. We realised that the prata dough was slimy and oily because we got a chance to touch it. We paired up with a student of another race for the activity. We also learned that there were different pratas. I know that prata came from India. It was also not easy to flip the prata dough. The pratas had different tastes. We really enjoyed the activity.

Anonymous said...

6 Integrity
We love the commemoration of IFD as we have learnt more about our friends from other countries.
We love the prata journey of course as we get to taste the delicious prata and learn more about its history. We wish we could have more time for recess so that we could do the activities like the making of friendship bands, viewing the Mercy Relief exhibits and of course taste the food in the canteen. Just a suggestion maybe next time the school can organise traditional games from different countries so that we can play these games during recess.