Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Let's Celebrate!! ^_^

Photo taken from http://ndp.org.sg/highlights/

Hi everyone,

Time flies very fast... This coming 9th of August, we will be celebrating our 

Nation's 48th Birthday!!

And for our Muslim friends its a double celebration. Hari Raya Puasa falls on the eve of National Day!!

So what is your wish for Singapore? 
What do you look forward to?

 Share with us your thoughts... 

Meanwhile enjoy the theme song for NDP 2013, entitled One Singapore.

Let's sing along.....Enjoy......

 Video taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0rj7XnZFe4


Anonymous said...

3Ry says,

We wish Singapore will continue to be safe and sound, harmonious and better prosperity.

We look forward to Singapore's growth, more buildings and happy people.

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore! :)

Anonymous said...

4 Care (Mrs Zalina Ismael)

I hope that Singapore will continue to be a harmonious country made up of many different races. It is part of what makes us Singaporean!

I hope for Singapore to grow bigger, maybe through land reclamation so that there is more space for public recreational places like parks and playgrounds. I also hope for bigger roads so that there will be less traffic jams.

Lastly, I wish everything that is good and safe for Singapore! Happy 48th birthday!

Anonymous said...

4 Resilience:
Happy Birthday Singapore! Wishing everyone to have better lives in the future. Blessings and prosperity to all!

Anonymous said...

6 Humility:

We wish Singapore a great future ahead and everyone strives for excellence.

Singapore, we love you very much! Happy 48th Birthday Singapore!


Anonymous said...

1 Responsibility:

Happy 48th Birthday Singapore! ;)

We hope Singapore continue to prosper and have a better future ahead. We also hope Singapore can provide us with more food.

Anonymous said...

2 Care:
Happy Birthday Singapore!
We wish Singapore continues to be a safe, harmonious and prosperity country to live in!
We are proud to be Singaporeans!

Anonymous said...

2 Care
改正: 国泰平安

P3RT said...

We hope that everyone continue to keep Singapore a clean and green, peaceful and harmonious country. Everyone plays a part to make Singapore a better place to live in. We love you Singapore!

2 Respect said...

Happy birthday, Singapore!

We hope that you'll be cleaner and better country in the future!

P2 Harmony said...

We wish Singapore beautiful, clean and green every time and with no more accidents. We want to be at peace with all other countries.
Singapore to be safe and free forever!

Many many happy returns of the day, Singapore!

Anonymous said...

1 Kindness

Happy Birthday Singapore.
We can't wait to watch the fireworks on National Day!

1 Resilience said...

P1 RL :

We want Singapore to be the best country that is safe, secure, succesful and serene.

We want Singapore to win the Best Airport in the world again.

We want it to remain as the most beautiful garden city ever...

Anonymous said...

P2 Responsibility

Happy 48th Birthday. We wish Singapore good luck and that Singapore will remain a peaceful and harmonious country. We also wish that everybody in Singapore can lead happy lives.

We love you, Singapore!

P2 Harmony said...

We do not quarrel when we work harmoniously. The task gets completed faster, better and easier. Everyone must play a part and contribute to the goal.

Anonymous said...

6 Kindness said:

We wish Singapore a Happy 48 th Birthday!

Singapore will always be a peaceful and harmonious country where we belong. We, the Singaporeans will be more gracious and caring towards the less fortunate. We will grow and progress together as one nation.

Anonymous said...

5 Justice

We wish Singapore a happy birthday. We hope that Singapore will be even better than now in the future. We hope that Singapore will become even a better place to live in with more places for recreation such as more theme park. We also love to see Singapore getting more creative in providing housing to the citizens such as exploring underground or under the sea housing. While Singapore gets more prosperous, we hope that things will not get too expensive.

All the best Singapore!!!

Anonymous said...

What a coincidence this ear!