Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reflection on Racial Harmony Week 2010 (P5/P6)

Hi All,

I am sure you had plenty of fun and gained new knowledge during Racial Harmony Celebrations in our school.

Please go through the following reflection questions and post your answers as a class.

1) Name 3 things that you learnt.

2) Name 2 things that you enjoyed.

3) Why must we not take racial harmony for granted?

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Anonymous said...

3 things that we have learnt:
1) Do not take Racial Harmony for granted - We have lived in Singapore peacefully for the last 45 years.
2) Learn to understand and appreciate the different cultures and practices in Singapore
3) When Singaporeans are united as one, we will achieve greater success.

2 things we have enjoyed:
1) Reading and looking through the Racial Harmony exhibits.
2) Watching the ceremony that is practiced by the different races before and after child-birth.

3) We should not take Racial Harmony for granted because more can be achieved when the people of Singapore are united and living in peace and harmony.

P5 Harmony

6 Joy, 2010 said...

1) We have learned more than 3 things, here they are:
- Learned about other religions with their new born babies
- To respect other cultures
- I learned about Maria Hertogh / Nadra
- I learned that we must be united regardless of race, language or religion
- We must live in harmony
- I've learned to respect other religions
- Do not take harmony for granted
- Every race is unique in their own customs
- Do not insult other religions
- We must be responsible for whatever decisions that we make
- We should not make fun of other people's languages

- The live performance by the Japanese man during assembly
- The pledge for the racial harmony

3)WE must not take racial harmony for granted because it was not easy for our forefathers to unite us all and we should appreciate the efforts taken as we now have peace.