Thursday, July 22, 2010

Racial Harmony Reflection (For Teachers)

Hi Teachers,

It was a busy yet fun filled week for us. I am sure we would not have forgotten how much fun we had during contact time.

Please feel free to post your comments and views with regards to the Racial Harmony Celebrations in our school.

Hope to see your valuable comments.

Happy Blogging!

The following is a compiled video slideshow capturing the essence of the Racial Harmony Week Celebration. Happy Viewing!


one wing bird said...

The whole activities is very meaningful,in order. Time control is also very well.
weakness: the time for pupils to play is quite tie, as we know, all the game teachers put a lot of effort,so if all the pupils can enjoy the game, it will be better. the worksheet may do on the next day.


Robin said...

It was a wonderful get together and bonding. There were so much laughters and joy we have. The activities was meaningful and well planned. Thank you very much. Really Appreciate from the heart. Two thumbs up. Huarray

Jennifer Chua said...

The activities planned were meaningful and enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed the Contact Time session. Yes, laughter is the best medicine, even for racial harmony. Good Job,NE committee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the NE committee for the wonderful job. Activities were fun and engaging and reinforced the importance of not just accepting the cultural differences but understanding our differences and respecting each other for who we are. Thanks to Mr Balajee for creating the video and keeping our memories alive.

Mr Wilbur Wong

Anonymous said...

Zalina Z.Ismael

Was amazed at the creativity and spontaneity of the teachers. Incredible!

Anonymous said...

Im amazed by how much we, teachers can do, each time we get together!

Thank you for being so "game" for everything despite the hectic schedule each of us has.

Have fun learning & bringing learning to lives..

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