Tuesday, July 27, 2010

NE Show Reflection for P5 teachers and pupils

Hi P5 Teachers,

I am sure the memories of the NE Show is still lingering in the thoughts of your pupils and yourselves.

While the memories are still fresh, let's take some time to reflect.

Please ask the following questions, collate the answers and post them as a class.

1) How did it feel to be at the Padang?

2) How did you feel when the National Flag flew past you?

3) Which is your favourite aspect/segment of the NE Show? (can be more than 1)

You may feel free to add in any other views and comments.

Happy Blogging!

The following is a video slideshow capturing the unforgettable moments of that day


Mr 5Z@L said...

1. It was great to be at the same spot where the 1st National Day Parade was held :))

2. I think that has got to be the highlight for me especially being seated nearby

3. I have to root for the military march - really cool!

Anonymous said...

Mrs Zalina Ismael

Loved the atmosphere, especially when we sing the songs, cheer and do the 'padang' wave. Nothing beats being there!

Also, thankies to Bala for the video :)