Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reflection on Racial Harmony Week 2010 (P3/P4)

Hi All,

I am sure you had plenty of fun and gained some new knowledge during the Racial Harmony Celebrations in our school.

Please go through the following reflective questions and post your answers as a class.

1) Name 3 things that you learnt.

2) Name 2 things that you enjoyed.

3) Name 1 thing that can happen if we take racial harmony for granted.

Happy Blogging!

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Anonymous said...

Hi friends,

we are from P4 (ML class).

Here's what we felt most;

3 Things we have learnt;

- Customs from the 3 main races
- The Japanese Shamisen & the Msian modern dance routine
- Racial Harmony is precious and we cant take it for granted.

2 things we enjoyed most;

- The RHD Concert
- Watching the ritual performances at 'Kampong Aman'

1 thing can happen if Racial Harmony for granted

- Racial RIOTS!



Pri 4 Setia
ML Class( Cg Liana)