Sunday, April 18, 2010

IFD 2010 Reflections (P1 and P2)

Hi P1 and P2 form teachers,

As a follow up to the IFD celebrations, please ask the following questions to your class and collate their response.

1) Did you enjoy the skit, entitled " Who is your neighbour?" Why?

2) Why must we be friendly with our nieghbours who are from other countries and races?

You may include other comments and feedback from your pupils as well.

Hope to receive many comments from you..

Happy blogging..


P2 Hope said...

(1) Yes, we enjoyed the skit. It was funny and interesting. We learned that we must make friends with people of other races or countries, be kind to each other and be good neighbours to one another.

(2) We must be friendly with our foreign neighbours or people of other races so that we do not quarrel with one another and they will not feel lonely or ignored. If we are nice to them, they can help us when we need their help.

1 Love said...

We enjoyed the skit for IFD. It was funny and we learned that we should make friends with people from all races. We also pledge to play with friends from all races.

Anonymous said...

1 Peace

1) We enjoyed the skit as it was funny.

2) We learned that we should be nice to our neighbours.