Sunday, April 18, 2010

IFD 2010 Reflection ( for teachers)

Good day to all teachers,

After an eventful last week which comprised of many exciting events, let us be examplary reflective practitioners and reflect on the IFD celebrations.

This reflection is purely from your point of view and not from your class pupils..

The reflection post for your class will be posted separately.

I would like you to type in your own views and comments about the IFD celebrations in this post.

You can include the unforgettable moments like the 'tea making session' or the appearance of our very own champion Yip Pin Xiu.

You may include other comments as well with regards to IFD celebrations 2010.

Attached is a slideshow of some of the memorable moments caught on camera, for your viewing pleasure.

Hope to receive many comments from you..

Happy blogging!!


SafiahArshad's Antics! said...

It is an activity that the children enjoyed. The highlight to me was especially with the invitation of Pin Xiu. Really touching!!

Siti Raudhah said...

I find that the activities planned were really refreshing and unique. I really enjoyed the tea making session as a department.I not only get to taste masala tea and samosa but I get to work hand in hand with my department members and refresh my knowledge on spices. On top of that I had a feel good feeling after the interview session with the paralympian. Felt good cos I am so proud of her. She epitomises the value of resilience and determination in overcoming the odds. I am more spurred to achieve greater heights after the assembly.

5Z@L said...

IFD activities held earlier this week were meaningful. Apart from knowing where the word 'tandoor' originated from, I know realized how much goes into Masala tea. Certainly looking forward to such activities in the future.

Ying Sin said...

The activities carried out were able to bring forth the theme "Interconnected World". I can see the sparkle in the eyes of our pupils, showing their engagement in the activities. It's really a joy to see how much they enjoyed themselves during the week. =)

Rezina :) said...

It was spectacular!

Really glad to see the pupils enjoying the assembly programmes with Merly, Lyo and Special Guest Star Yip Pin Xiu and not forgetting the hands-on activity that involved the teachers making masala tea- it really forged camaraderie.

Just hope that everyone perceives IFD as more than just an NE event- one that develops our values and beliefs as well as being aware of the impact we create and the significance of each individual as we reach out to the community and the world beyond.


M@rk said...

I enjoyed the activities organised by the NE department members and must really thank them for making all these possible. When I was a young teacher, I remember those wonderful years whereby we got to dressed in different countires' costumes. The pupils also enjoyed seeing the teachers in such costumes. I thought that added the festivity mood to the IFD. Cheers!

Shimin said...

I enjoyed the activities organised by the NE department during the contact time. It was fun and we learnt more about the making of masala tea.!!!

Zalina Z-Ismael said...

It was an enjoyable week with a range of activities catering to varying levels and involving different groups of stakeholders. It was an accomplishment :)

Balajee said...

It was really a fun filled week for both teachers and students. Personally i was touched by the presence of Yip Pin Xiu. I think she is the epitome of resilience and positive attitude. Got lots to learn from her.