Sunday, April 18, 2010

IFD 2010 Reflection (P3 - P6)

Hi everyone,

It is time again to come together as a family to reflect on our latest core event,
International Friendship Day..

I am sure without a doubt that both teachers and students had a exhilirating time throughout last week especially on Friday.

Please ask these following questions to your class and collate their response.
1) What are the 3 things you enjoyed the most during the IFD celebrations.
( eg. Appearance by Merly and Lyo, Yip Pin Xiu, Cook-off competition etc)

2) What are the 2 things that you learnt from the commemoration of IFD.

3) Name 1 thing you would like to see in the future.

you may include other comments given by your students as well..

A slideshow of some of the photos is also attached for your viewing pleasure..

Hope to receive many comments from you..

Happy Blogging..


SafiahArshad's Antics! said...

It is an activity that the children enjoyed. The highlight to me was especially with the invitation of Pin Xiu. Really touching!!

The Spectacular Zany...P6 Kindness.. said...

It was a wonderful IFD Week! We shook hands with the YOG mascots, Lyo & Merly. We were inspired by our Special Guest Star, the first paralympic gold medalist, Yip Pin Xiu!

The international food prepared for the Cook Off Competition tasted great.

We have learnt that we need to work together to help one another and hope that with Friendship, Excellece and Respect will be the spirit we uphold in our lives!

Cheers from P6 Kindness
Bye Folks...see you all during Racial Harmony!!! :)

Anonymous said...

6 Joy:
Ray and Jia Ming: The activities are interesting and the skit was funny.

Noman: Lyo and Merly were very entertaining.

Dave: One of the Singapore's players that won the award was invited and we loved that.

Darruka: The food was delicious

Nurin: We know more abt the Olympics from the frames/boards

Austin: I don't think the food was really that delicious

Fandy: We learn to be polite to our neighbours

Felicia: We have to get to know our neighbours well

Nirmal: We learn more about YOG values

Cleona: Be respectful to the elderly