Thursday, April 08, 2010

International Friendship Day 2010

Hello everyone...

It is the special time of the year again where we get on board the massive ship of "Friendship".

Yeah.. It is International Friendship Day..

And we have many exciting events and programmes specially lined up for you

Our Objectives:

1. Learn & Appreciate other multi-cultural diversity in Singapore

2. Nurture the spirit of friendship & collaboration among different people

3. Understand the importance of good bilateral relations with neighbours

4. To understand the need for friends to communicate & help one another

And we are using the upcoming YOG as our anchor point..

Here is what you can expect throughout the week from 12th- 16th April 2010

1) Special Skit - Entitled " Our Friendly Neighbour"

2) YOG Booths - Interactive Booths for students and teachers

3) Special Assembly Programme - Come face to face with Singapore's Paralympian

4) Sports Day for P4s

5) "Cook-Off" cooking competition for parents - Chance to treat your taste-buds

6) Special Appearances by Merly and Lyo - Our YOG mascots..

So do stay tuned for more updates and wish you a FRIENDLY week ahead..

Take Care..

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