Thursday, February 12, 2009

Total Defence Week '09 Reflections (P1 & P2)

P1 and P2 Reflections

A ready bag helps us meet the essential needs during an emergency. When we are ready for an emergency, we can protect ourselves when it happens.


1. If you choose only 1 item to pack into your ready bag, what would it be?

2. Do you like the food sold in the canteen during the Food Rationing Exercise? Why?


Ravinderjit Kaur said...

P4 Humility worked together in groups to prepare the ready bag. They learnt to equate unity with strength. Most students brought enough food and water to share survival is the key issue. Care and concern are not tangible items but of utmost importance to tide over any difficulty.
Mdm Ravinderjit Kaur

Anonymous said...

P3 Kindness...

1 item to pack: (majority)a packet of biscuits (need to eat, can't go hungry)...a bottle of water (ensure survival)...torch (no darkness)...plasters (stop bleeding) (to be informed)...whistle (to alert others in times of danger)...thermometer, medicine

Food sold in the canteen: majority of pupils enjoy the food sold in canteen. They enjoy eating the porridge. The sweet potato was nice...porridge from muslim store was nice, even without ikan bilis :)

P1 Hope said...

P1 Hope:

(1) 1 item to pack: Water.
Reason: Water is very important because without water, one may die.

(2) Majority of the pupils do not like the food sold at the canteen during the Food Rationing Exercise.
Reason: Food is tasteless, not much variety of food.

Anonymous said...

from: Nadiah Class: 1 Hope
For the ready bag I will put a whistle so that people can hear me and come and help me.
I like the porridge in the canteen because it is delicous.

Miss Lim I am sorry I make you angry because of the homework. I saw your picture riding the Singapore Flyer.

Erika said...

1. I will bring a small radio so I can listen to the news.

Anonymous said...

from:Nadiah class:ihope
I want to bring water and biscuit
so if i am hungry i will eat.

2Love said...


(1) We would pack food.

(2) Some of us liked the biscuits in the canteen and some of us didnt like the food in the canteen. We were sad that we cannot have our usual food. We felt that it would be very sad if there is a war in Singapore. It would also very scary if there is a war going on in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

P1 Respect

1. I agree,with Miss Lim.

Water is definitely the most important resource.

Besides,after we drink up all the water,we can use the empty bottles for doind our"dirty business". Reduce,Reuse,Recycle...Heh...

2. It was ok.

I follow this motto.

"Beggars cannot be choosers"

So sometimes, for the sake of survival, we have to learn to be content with what we have!!!