Thursday, February 12, 2009

Total Defence Week '09 Reflections (P3 & P4)

P3 and P4 Reflections

Questions to reflect:

1. How ready is your class 'Ready Bag'? Why?

2. Apart from packing the 'Ready Bag', what else can you be ready in defending their country?

The food rationing exercise helps us to understand the hardships we will go through in difficult times, like an emergency. We cannot afford the good food we have every day.

3. What did you learn from the food rationing exercise (you may refer to the above video)?


4 Joy said...

In our perspective, we found that our bag is ever ready for our use during emergency.
We must play a part as a citizen of Singapore.We report suspicious bags that are lying in public places to the authority (Police).
We learnt that it was tough to go through the difficult period. Through the food rationing exercise, we felt how people had suffered during those tough times and are able to be more understanding of such situation.

4 Harmony said...

4 Harmony's ready bag is very ready.We put in a lot of effort to bring things that we need in an emergency. Everyone in class contributed at least one item to our Ready Bag.

To defend our country now, we will prepare our ready bags at home. We will stay in Singapore even when there is an emergency. We will not waste food too. Respecting our friends from other races is also important.

When we had the food rationing activity, we learnt that food is scarce during times of hardship. We must not be choosy about the food that we have.

3 Kindness said...

3 Kindness...We discussed about the items to be included in our ready bag. We feel that we are ready for an emergency. We must share and help each other during an emergency. Food rationing exercise...we liked the porridge with pepper and sweet potato. We do not take food for granted. We should be thankful that we have food to eat as other people might be starving in other countries. We will eat what's given to us and we share the food (biscuits) we get. We must not waste food.

3 Hope said...

Our food in our Ready Bag is ready for two meals, but we would need more food if the emergency is to last longer. We can share other items, for example, torchlight in the bag with our friends.
We learn not to quarrel with our friends of other races. We can also work together to protect our country. From the food rationing exercise, we learn to share food with our friends. We should treasure what we have now.

Anonymous said...

3 Joy
Ready Bag....
We feel that we have included all the items that we may need during such unexpected situations...looking through though, we do not have sufficient for all forty of us in the class. So yes, we have to increase the quantity of each item in our Ready Bag.
Food Rationing...
We were famished by the time school ended at 1pm. It made us realise that we should neither complain nor waste our precious food.

3 Honesty said...

We must be ready to deal with any kinds of emergencies. All the activities in commemoration of Total Defence Day were interesting. The skit made us think about cooperation. The emergency evacuation exercise helped us understand the importance of being ready. We know what are the items to be included in the ready bag. As we discussed about this as a class, we felt we have learnt more about Total Defence