Sunday, May 01, 2011

Reflection on General Election (P3 & P4)

Q: How can you contribute and serve the school with care and responsibility?
A: We will contribute and serve the school with care and responsibility as a 

1) Monitor/Monitress by _______________________________________________
2) Group Manager by __________________________________________________
3) Spick & Span Inspector by _____________________________________________
4) PE Monitor by _____________________________________________________
5) ICT Ranger by _____________________________________________________
6) Captain Green by ___________________________________________________
7) NE Ambassadors by _________________________________________________
8) Prefect by ________________________________________________________


Anonymous said...

Group manager (4 Harmony)

We will help the teacher by collecting classmates' homework
and book etc.

Anonymous said...

PE monitor(P4 Harmony)
We must be responsible and help the teacher and keep the used equipments.

Anonymous said...

Monitor/Monitress (4 Harmony)
We will help the teacher by taking good care of the class.

Anonymous said...

SSI (4 Harmony)
We will keep the classroom clean at all times,remind everyone to switch off all the electronic devices when not in use.

Anonymous said...

Group Managers
Check the handbook of group members to make sure they have taken down the day's homework, because we care for our friends. In this way, they will not get scolded and can also improve on their work.

We mark the attendance and highlight to the teacher if there's anyone who is absent.
We also make sure that the class discipline is kept in check.

Caption Green
We remind our friends to keep the class clean and green.

ICT rangers
We are the super rangers to make sure all IT needs are met in class!!!

(4 HOPE)

Anonymous said...

NE Ambassador (4Harmony)
I will promote our NE messages to my classmates.

Anonymous said...

NE Ambassador (4Harmony)
I will promote our NE messages to my classmates.

Ravinderjit P4JOy said...

P4 JoY
Monitors:We will take care of the class when the teacher is not around.

Group Managers: We will ensure everyone submits his/her work on time and inform the teachers when work is not done.

Prefect: I will be a good role model.

Spic and Span Inspector: I will keep the class clean.

4Honesty said...

As class monitors:
- Ensuring the discipline of the class is maintained when teachers are not around
- Role modelling and showing good examples for others to emulate.

As group managers:
-Makes sure the group is behaving well
-Helping teachers to take care of the needs of the group
-Ensuring that group members adhere to the rules and regulations set

As ICT rangers:
-Helping teachers to set up IT equipment and ensuring that the equipment is ready to be used whenever the teacher wants it

-Maintain the welfare and cleanliness of the class

As green monitors:
- Helping to promote saving of the environment and to ensure that our EARTH is being protected by carrying the 3Rs.

Anonymous said...

3Ho says

As pupils of TKPS we also can contribute to our school:

1) By saving money and donating it.
(Ne Ambassador)

2) Keeping the school clean. (Captain Green)

3) Recycle and don't waste electricity (Captain Green)

4) Do not vandalise the school

5) Care for the school and environment (Monitors, Ne Ambassador)

6) Do not waste food

7) Study hard (Group managers)

3 Hope said...

Our Reflection:
1) Monitor/Monitress: taking care of the class when the teacher is not around and do our responsibilities with pride.
2) Group Manager: collecting all worksheets and books without shouting and screaming at our group members.
3) Spick & Span Inspector: keeping the class clean at all times.
4) PE Monitor: helping the PE teacher to keep all equipments at the right places.
5) ICT Ranger: helping the teacher to set up the IT equipments when the teacher needs to use them.
6) Captain Green: reminding their friends to recycle paper and help save the environment.
7) NE Ambassadors: promoting the ONE board and telling others more about NE.

Anonymous said...

It is not just the responsibility of the monitor/monitress/group managers/etc to serve the class. Everyone in the class will be responsible and serve each other in whatever way we can.

4 Kindness

millieliew said...

4 Love says:

- We must care for one another in class. We can help our classmates and teachers whenever they need help.
- We must do our work with care. We must try to hand in neat and tidy work.
- We must also take care of our health, exercise social responsibilty when we are sick.
- As pupils, we must be responsible for our study. For example, we must hand in our homework punctually, come to school on time, bring our study materials,pay attention during lessons and revise our work regularly.
- Take care of our school facilities such as the playground, NE garden and canteen and use them properly.
- We must keep our school free from litter.
- We must care for our environment. We must not waste water and electricity.
- We must try to recycle papers, cans, plastic and reuse them when we can.

P4 Peace said...

A: We will contribute and serve the school with care and responsibility as a

1) Monitor/Monitress by helping our teachers to keep the class in order.
2) Group Manager by collecting the worksheets and books for our teachers.
3) Spick & Span Inspector by making sure that the class is clean at all times.
4) PE Monitor by the class is ready and behave while waiting for the PE teacher to come.
5) ICT Ranger by helping with the setting up of the necessary equipment in class.
6) Captain Green by helping the teacher to get ready for science lesson and in the science lab.
7) NE Ambassadors by reponsibly helping the teachers to spread NE values among our classmates.
8) Prefect by keeping the school as a better place for learning.

3 Kindness said...

We respect our class monitors. (Jawahar)
We respect our fellow classmates and teachers. We help our peers. We take the attendance daily. (Monitors)
As ICT Rangers, we care to help our teachers with the computers in the lab and in the classroom. We do it happily every day.
Being group managers, we take care of the books in the class. We help to collect books and give out books to our classmates.
We care for our garden. We water the plants every day. (Zul & Syaiful))
Our classroom is clean and tidy because we help Maryam and Hakam clean the classroom. They are very responsible.
I help my teachers to switch off the lights and fans at the end of the day as well as before going for recess. My classmates recycle paper and plastic. (Yusoff)
We do our homework. We bring our stationery everyday.
Indeed my pupils understand the value of care and responsibility. They are the young leaders of the school.

3 Kindness said...

Ooops. The PE monitors have something to say. We help our PE teacher to get the PE stuff. We care for our friends who fall down.

Not forgetting, Jawahar says, "We love our country. We must respect our leaders."