Tuesday, April 12, 2011

International Friendship Day 2011

              Hi Everyone,

International Frienship Day celebrations are over. The theme for this year was 

'The World at HOME'.

As Singapore is a small nation, for our survival and well-being, we need to be

rooted to Singapore but have a global outlook, to see the opportunities in the world

and how Singaporeans can benefit. The week was packed with exciting activities.
Let's now take some time and reflect back on IFD 2011.

1) Which activity do you enjoy the most?

2) What are the ways to make your International friends feel at 'Home'?

3) How do you feel when you learn about other cultures?

Last but not least it time to enjoy the photo montage on all the activities we had during

IFD week in TKPS.

enJoy..... :))

- Mdm Elmiza -

Were you able to identify the country of the flags displayed?

Can you still remember how to say number 1 to 5 in different languages?

Did you manage to get anything good during the sale? 
Do share it with us. :)

I'm sure the students learnt a lot from Mrs Rowland.

Did you enjoy this game?

Wow!! It was a great bonding session for student and their parents.

A lot of interesting game. Wonder who is our sportsman/sportswomen for P4?

That's all for now. Remember to share with us your thoughts and views .

Thanks & Happy Blogging.. :)


Zalina Z-Ismael said...

2 Peace enjoyed the shin-a-wheel activity during recess. We also learned that there are manay ways to make our international friends feel at home. one way, is to introduce the many kinds of food on offer in Singapore :)

Mdm Liew (6 Joy) said...

1) Which activity do you enjoy the most?
6 Joy enjoyed the Spin and Win activity during their recess. Through this activity, the students learnt more about the places of interest in the respective countries and counting number 1 - 5 in their language.

2) What are the ways to make your International friends feel at 'Home'?

- Treat them with respect
- learn their language
- respect their culture

3) How do you feel when you learn about other cultures?

- enjoy their delicacies
- feel more confident in communicating with them
- happier to know more about their culture(s)

Pupils from 2 Harmony said...

P2 Harmony pupils enjoyed learning the use of abacas to help them in counting numbers. We learnt to be more friendly with our international friends from our class.

2 Kindness said...

1) We enjoyed the Spin & Win the most

2)Talk & play with them, learn their languages & eat their local food with them.

3)We feel happy when we learn other languages.

Ravinderjit Kaur said...

4 Joy said:

They enjoyed the talk by Mrs Rowland at the library as they learnt a great deal about Australia and made a new Vietnamese friend. They also enjoyed the different varieties of International food sold in the canteen.