Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Naming our TKPS Bear (P1/P2)

Hi Teachers,

It is time to name our adorable mascot, The TKPS Bear.

Please go through the following questions with your class and give a suitable name for our very cute TKPS Bear..

1) What is the name you would like to give the TKPS Bear?

2) Why did you chose this particular name?

* Please note : If the class comes up with several suitable names, please chose only one, either
by voting or coming to a common consensus.

Hope to get valuable contributions from you as our TKPS Bear is waiting for its name.

Happy Blogging!!


Hannah said...

Call the TKPS Bear "Beary Good".

Young pupils love to be praised for doing the right thing. It's encouraging when Teacher says they are "very good".

For short, the bear can be called "Goodie" or just plain "Beary".

Anonymous said...

1 Peace wants to name our Bear "HARIE" for Happy, Active, Responsive, Innovative and Engaged learners. :)

Anonymous said...

P1 Love wants to name their TKPS bear "TKPS CareBear". If a pupil falls, our TKPS CareBear will help him/her to get up. Our TKPSBear will also help others in need.

P2 Hope said...

P2 Hope wants to name the TKPS bear as 'Mr Richy', which stands for Resilient, Integrity, Caring, Harmonious and Young learners.

Anonymous said...

P2 Joy said...

P2 Joy wants to name the TKPS bear as 'SUPERbear' just like any other superhero e.g. superman. 'SUPERbear' is a super icon to role model our school 3RICH values.

Jennifer said...

Mrs Chay
Pr 1 Honesty

Name: Beary Bear
He is a real huge bear; looks big and strong

Pr 1 Humility said...


He's a good pupil.