Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Naming of TKPS Bear (For Teachers and Staffs)

Hi Teachers and Staffs,

Good News! You can contribute to the naming of the TKPS Bear as well.

Just follow the following simple steps:

1) Imagine the TKPS Bear as a student and give it an appropriate name.

2) Come up with 2 attributes which will suit the TKPS Bear as a student.

3) Please give a short description/explanation for your chosen names and attributes.

Come on people..

Let your creative juices flow without any boundaries.

Hope to get valuable contributions from you.

Happy Blogging!


Koh YS said...

me me me.. I wanna name our TKPS bear - BEARICH

a combi of BEAR & RICH

BEAR - would like to c it as a verb here. a word with the meaning of "bring forth; support; remain firm; endure; spread; render; guide; conduct".. that's what we want our TKPS pupils to be.

RICH - our 6 core values: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility, Integrity, Care, Harmony

so BE-A-RICH TKPS pupil!

Koh YS said...

1 more.. how about RICHIE?

other than highlighting our 6 core values, we hope to achieve I & E In Excellence.. the attributes of being innovative & enthusiastic.

as Singapore progresses, we hope that the younger generation can think out of the box.. to be risk taker in venturing out. hence the I.. Idea huh..

Ethusiatic learners r what we hope our pupils can be.. always Eager to gain knowledge, Expressing through action as learning is fun.

Anonymous said...

Zalina Z-Ismael


Agree with Ying Sin. Thought of RICHIE too.

But the I n E is for innovation and enterprise. As in, we want our future generation to be innovative, calculated risk-takers and initiatively entrepreneurial with a global outlook.

Anonymous said...

vivien ho , 6 joy

i would like the tkps bear name to be a active bear as it can be good in sports especially in basketball like our tkps basketball players.

i like the tkps bear to be a gardener bear as it can help to grow plants and take care of it to make the air fresherand make us feel better.

Anonymous said...

We,the people in singapore,declare that religious harmoney is vistal for peace,progress and prosperity in our multi-racial and multi-religious harmony through mulual toleranpe confidence,respet,and understanding.

Mao Yue

Anonymous said...

Ahmad Haizq b. Sukiman,6joy i would like the TKSP bear's name to be resbonsible bear aso that he always brings his homework on time.

i would also like the TKPS bear's name to be harmonious bear so that he will not lie to his friends and to other people

Anonymous said...

i think we should name the bear..... a name which is able to show a meaning that will inspire people to go good deeds ,well maybe the name would be CaRebear. :)))

6 Humility said...

I think the bear should be name... CaRebear as the bear would inspire people to show care...

Anonymous said...

Reason: Key bear is a bear which looks forward to learning and obeying the school values ,it is a key to open all value doors such as harmony ,care and many more ......

Anonymous said...

I would name my bear Sucesser because it has the value of Responsibility and Harmony.These are some of the values.

We need to be responsible for our own actions.We should also have integrity.Responsibility means accepting that you have control over your thoughts,actions and feelings.It will help you to make a wise decision.

We need to be harmonious because without harmony,there is no peace.If a different religion or race needs help for something,we should help them.We could also learn their culture to get to know with them even better and become friends.

Mohd Noafandy Bin Osman
6 Joy

Anonymous said...

Nirmal Kishore Janakiraman from 6joy.

the name is: Smiley Saf.

Reason is beacause the name saf refers to my form teacher ms safiah.Ms Safiah is a reselient teacher.She helps me with everything.the name smiley refers to the smile of Ms Safiah.She always gives a smile which gives me more confidence.

the value iam using is : Reselience.

somebody said...

i want the bear name 2 be (Me)
Coz i can be ME!

lynn said...

i will choose...resin RESponsibility-HE must be responsibility on our own things and not to blame others if HE lose HIS things. HE must be accountable for resultsof our actions.
INtegrity-he must be trueto his very best self, he must be honest and do what is right even in tough situations and not to give in to temptation.

Anonymous said...

Nurin Atifah
6 Joy
I thought of the name BEARNIS.
A combine of BEAR&Aa malay word manis(sweet).

BEAR-it is to bear fruits on a tree like us students bearing knowledge from learning.

NIS-half the word manis(sweet)which is bearing knowledge sweetly meaning not by bullying or any bad stuff.
second meaning for NIS is mixing up cultures & religions by being friends with who ever they r.

I actually thought of BERNIS but i have to add in d A for the word BEAR & d meaning.

Anonymous said...

I want our school BEAR to be name to be intergrity and care for someone.

Anonymous said...

Reason:The name inludes the values in our school and will help us remember our school values.

Anonymous said...

Kacey Lee
I want our school bear to be name intergrity ,responsible and be respect by everyone.

Anonymous said...

6 Harmony

I suggest the name Nikolai,
pronounced Nee-ko-Lai. It means victory for people. Maybe this name will bring us good luck and constant victories.

2 Honesty said...



It is a caring bear because our school is a caring school.

2 Love said...


Caring and friendly to others

2 Peace said...

Thoughtful Bear

It is considerate and kind.

2 Harmony said...

It is a Caring and Loving bear.