Thursday, August 12, 2010

Reflection on National Day Celebrations 2010 (P3/P4)

Hi All,
Hope you had a well-deserved restful weekend and back with whole lots of zest.

Now let us refresh ourselves with some reflections with regards to the National Day Celebrations last week.

Please go through the following questions and comment as a class.

1) Are you proud to be a Singaporean? Why?
2) Which part of the school celebration did you enjoy the most?

Teachers, please feel free to add in any other comments.

Thank you. And have a great week!


4 Peace said...

1) We are PROUD to be SINGAPOREAN. Singapore is the first country to host the YOG, safe. We can also make friends of other races or countries.

2) We enjoyed the National Day concert the most. We learnt to help on another even though they are of other races.

3 Love said...

Yes, we are proud to be Singaporeans because (1)we can learn about other races; (2)Singaporeans are nice to each other; (3)we respect other cultures.

We enjoyed watching and taking part in the Sports competition. We enjoyed singing National Day songs in the hall.

3 Honesty said...

We are very proud to be Singaporeans. We are priviledge to be staying in a very safe and riot free country. Singapore is such a small island but we can be proud of what we have achieved so far especially being the host for our Youth Olympic Games this year. Goooooo Singapore!! Majulah Singapura!!

We enjoyed our P3 Sports Day tremendously. We had so much fun competing and bonding with our classmates. We had high hopes to win and was jubilant when we were announced as the second place winner.