Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Reflection on EMS WEEK (The YOG Spirit)- For P3s and P4s

Hi TKPS darlings!
Hope you had a fruitful and enriching learning experience in your class with regards to the Olympian values of:
1) Respect

2) Friendship and

3) Excellence
Now let's reflect on what we have learnt..
Go through the following questions and answer them from your own point of views..
For P3s and P4s:
1) How can the above mentioned values be practised in school?
( Can choose any one of the values, i.e 1. Respect or 2. Friendship or 3. Excellence)
2) What are the benefits that we get by practising these values in school?
3) Mention 1 question that you would like to ask Mr C Kunalan?
Happy Blogging! and may the Olympic Spirit be with you...

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Pr 3 Kindness said...

After getting our SA1 results, we find out our weak areas and work harder to improve our grades.

We would like to show respect to the cleaners by greeting them and thanking them for helping us keep the school clean whenever we see them.

We are also friendly to other pupils not in the same class as us.