Wednesday, February 25, 2009

P3/P4 Scenario(s) - Kathy

Kathy is a very adorable and hardworking girl. She is very neat and hands in work on time. However, after she failed her test once, she has not been performing well in her studies. Whenever she sees a question that she cannot answer, she will just stare blindly on the paper and do nothing. Many of times, she will just cry when she cannot answer the questions and tends to say "I am dumb" or "I am silly".

Put yourself in the shoes of Kathy and answer the following:

1. What problem is she facing?

2. If you are her good friend, what can you do to help her to be more resilient?

3. If you are Kathy, how will you react differently? Why?

4. Why is it important to be resilient when we are faced with such problems?


Anonymous said...

I am indeed a VIP : ) You are one too! :)

4 said...

4 Joy comments:
1) Kathy lacks of self confidence. She gives up easily.
2)We should encourage her to stay positive at all times despite of the failed test.
3)We will not give up easily. We should be confident in every tasks that we undertake. We should look at things optimistically.
4) Don't give up and be persistence in everything we pursue.
We are indeed VIPs!!

Anonymous said...

3 Harmony

She has lost her confidence since she failed her test.

I will encourage her not to give up on her studies. I will also teach her on the subjects that she failed.

I will not give up trying my best by continue to work hard everyday.

We are V.I.P. so we must work hard and don’t give up easily.

Anonymous said...

Kathy has a low self-esteem. She needs reassurance that she's as normal and blessed as any other child.
If I were her good friend, I'll tell her that success springs from failure. In fact, some of the greatest scholars of our time had many failures before they tasted success.
If I were Kathy, I'd find out the reasons for my failure previously and learn from the mistakes. The best way is to stay on course and keep telling myself that I can do it.
When we are resilient, we have faith and hope in ourselves. By thinking positively, we can conquer most,if not all, barriers.

Mdm Kaur

3 Peace said...

1) She keeps failing her test.
2)Help her with questions that she has difficulty in. Tell her not to give up, consult her teacher/parents about her problems and be more hardworking.
3)I will try my best, study harder,read more books and practice Maths at home.
4)It will be easier to solve our problems.

3 Hope said...

1) Kathy is scared of failure as she failed once before. She is not doing well in her studies and blames herself for being dumb and silly.

2) I would teach her, guide her and do revision with her so that she would regain confidence. I would also encourage her, telling her to try her best and not give up.

3) I would continue to try my best and not give up because I know that this would affect my future.I would put in extra effort in the next examination so that there would not be questions that I would not know how to do. I would not feel scared and face the problems bravely with my parents, teachers and friends as I know they can help me overcome the failure. I would learn from my mistakes and revise daily so I would not fail again.

4. It is important to be resilent because I would not want to continue failing and I want to move on to the future (my studies and life)and pass with good results. We have to think about our future and not live in the past.