Sunday, August 10, 2008

Celebrating the Singapore Spirit

Dear Teachers,

Hope you all have enjoyed our learning journey.
You are welcome to post your reflections.
Hope everyone of you will have something interesting to SHARE

Thank you.


Liew Hwee Hong said...

It was a pity to have such a short priod of time at the National Museum. I did have a great time viewing the exhibits and listening to the explanations. Hopefully I can return to the place again the the near future.
As for the Singapore Flyer, a splendid experience, especially the accompaniment of the great colleagues of mine and children of theirs. A wonderful day despite it was really a long day for me :}

Koh YIng Sin said...

Indeed the tour in the National Museum is an eye opener.. So interesting to see what my parents did when they were young - the songs they listen to, the electric appliances they used etc. Such a wonderful delight! The trip really makes me want to bring my parents to the museum for a recall of the oldies..

From then till now - 43 years of nationhood. How much we have changed! A pity I can't upload the photo that I have taken on the flyer. In the photo, there's the esplanade, the NDP floating platform, the merlion, a cabin of the flyer & the upcoming Marina Bay Sands. I bet there's more I can include in future. Our nation has definitely developed beyond what we had initially thought Singapore would have become. I wonder what Singapore would be like 10 years down the road..

Jessie said...

After we sat on the Flyer, I read from the papers that the direction of the rotation was changed due to Fengshui. We had a great view of the Marina Barrage, F1 track as well as East Coast area as we ascended. Then on the descend,we could see the Financial District and construction going on for the IR. According to the fengshui masters, the old direction (from Financial Distict to East Area) meant we are turning our backs to wealth and prosperity. Hope the change in wheel direction would mean many more years of good fortune for Singapore. I am so in love with my country and so are my children. Our country may not be perfect in all areas but everyone is trying the best to make it work. My kids may not have travelled the world but whenever I ask them where they would like to stay when they grow up, their answer is always the same - Home, for this is where their family belongs.

Catherine Koh said...

I enjoyed the trip to the museum as I can know more about what our ancestors did and how they survived during the difficult times. Now that our standard of living has improved tremendously, we should even cherish and protect our nation. Remember the recitation put up by the drama club? There is a sentence said "Let's not take for granted". Indeed it is true, we should protect our country as a nation, STAY ALERT AND BE VIGILANT as we all play a part!

I love the view from the Singapore Flyer. Though we can't upload the photos, the memories there will always in with us as we had fun with our colleagues! Kenneth, luckily we could not upload the photo, if not your beautiful leg will be seen by everyone!!

Marliana said...

Since I was still a child, Ive always enjoyed our National Day's Celebration.

Its 'Count On Me Singapore', 'One People, One Nation, One Singapore' songs keep jingling in my head as it drew near.

I did share with some that I could be teary each time I listen to the Singapore songs.

I am one proud-to-be-Singaporean person despite Kiasuism, Singlish..etc

Going on a learning journey in the heat of celebrating the nation's birthday gives us all opportunities to recap on Singapore stories. Thus, that shall remind us all to not take what we have here for granted..

08/08/08 Teachers' Learning Journey really is all about Celebrating the Singapore Spirit.

Nur Hafizah said...

The learning journey was a great platform for me to get to know our dearest colleagues more and it was a pleasant bonding session. The all-new National Museum was phenomenal and enriching. Im amazed at the amount of collections they have such as film, wayang and fashion. My favourite part is the architecture & design of the Rotunda Dome in the museum itself.I had a great time in the Singapore Flyer itself..the view was breathtaking and the time to take the flight in the flyer is just right!
I guess Singapore have achieved so much & Im just proud being a citizen in this country...where I was truly memorable. 08/08/08...:)

Ginger said...

To begin, I must say this… I ENJOYED the learning journey! From the visit to the National Museum to our makan at Swensens(can u imagine the TKPS family at Swensens Marina!) to the Singapore Flyer, I was laughing throughout! Keke!

Well, I’ll like to share my thought on the visit to the National Museum. This is the first time I visited the National Museum after its major makeover. It certainly brought back some memory of my past visits. My father used to tell me that Chinese called the museum ‘si geng’ as the exhibits are all ‘dead’ and are all left behind by, you are right, the dead! And it’s the place to visit if you want to know about the culture, way of life of a country. But well to me at that time, the place seemed scary especially as there were no live exhibits (unlike the zoo) and after all those ‘dead’ words used by my dad. Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but was really attracted to this new museum. From the newly added colourful back entrance to the huge ‘I-POD’ ( u know what I mean ) to the automated swing chandliers (which reminds me of Harry Potter!), I certainly had great fun exploring this new yet familiar place. Looking at exhibits that were used once-upon-a-time by our forefathers and some even by us certainly relived all those past times and yes! With a few buttons pressed on the huge ‘I-POD’, I was also able to know the background of the exhibits I was looking at. This is certainly one great feature of the museum now! I guess the only pity was that the time spent there was short and I could only touch and go but I’ll definitely visit our National Museum soon.

5Z@L said...

G'day, all

M - Magnificient

U - Understanding

S - Special

E - Enriching

U - Unique

M - Modern

These are the exact words which I could truly describe my experience at the Singapore Museum. I will definitely come back to view the other galleries.

F - Flight

L - Lively

Y - Yo-Yo :)

E - Enormous

R - Remarkable

My maiden flight on board the Singapore Flyer was indeed a perfect spectacle to end the evening.

Thank you for the unique experience.


Ravinderjit Kaur said...

The trip was very educational. I haven't visited the National Museum for years and it was wonderful to see the progress and changes it has undergone. It's extremely hi-tech now without the necessity of a tour guide. The experience was like re-reading my history book once again plus the live action. I must go again as time didn't allow me to complete my adventure. In addition, I can now boast that I have been on the Singaapore Flyer. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.


SafiahArshad's Antics! said...

I really enjoyed myself at the museum!! I just felt that there was not enough time for me to explore the whole place! My mom actually wanted to go to the place for "women".. mmm... The place where the history of clothes were? But.. mmm.. I think we ended up at historical place instead.. No regrets though! It was fun!

Safiah!! :-)

susan goh said...

Standing in the capsule of the Singapore Flyer as it reached its highest peak, one could not help but rejoiced at how far Singapore had progressed.Overlooking the Flyer,we saw the Marina Bay Barrage.We believe that Singapore will be able to rise up to face any challenge with faith and confidence as the above iconic structures examplified.

Hannah said...

I have visited the new National Museum before but it is still absorbing. There are so many details to soak in. I really liked the oral history recordings on our mobile commentator. While the learning journey is in itself interesting, the most memorable is the intimate knowledge of my travel companions. Some were apprehensive of riding the Singapore Flyer because of the height. Two who were with me found the "flying" experience tolerable. They walked around the "tube" or cabin and showed no sign of anxiety. I am rather proud of them!

Belinda said...

After the learning journey, just imagine .........the flyer turns into riots that never stop, the Museum turns into a headquarter for the terriorts and the swensen becomes a food rationing centre. Imagine that you are not imagine! I would not let my imagination run wild but to be thankful for what we have achieved so far :))

Belinda said...

After the learning journey, just imagine .........the flyer turns into riots that never stop, the Museum turns into a headquarter for the terrorists and the swensen becomes a food rationing centre. Imagine that you are not imagine! I would not let my imagination run wild but to be thankful for what we have achieved so far :))

Hwee Bin said...

The learning journey on 08/08/08 was indeed a wonderful experience. This is my first visit to the National Museum after its major makeover. I could vaguely recall visiting the old museum when I was still in primary school! The new museum is so PREEetttyyy!!! Suah Gu (Mountain turtle) me was so fascinated with the swinging chandelier and the beautiful artifacts.
It was another great experience on the flyer, especially with the fantastic people that I work with. Feel so proud to be a Singaporean. Looked at the past at the museum, stood in the present on the flying and overlooked at the past of Singapore (the IR) in just 1 day. Cheers to the NE department for this arrangement.

Ezovex said...

I joined the group only at Swensens because I was busy before and couldn't catch the bus. The food was moderate but I liked the ice cream. My chicken wing was taken away when I walked away to get my ice cream.
Anyway, the Flyer was a great experience. The view was incredible and the people below looked like ants from the top. It was a pity that we weren't able to see the nightview as people had commented that it was very nice. I have some pictures on my blog so feel free to browse them.

Angeline Loo said...

The trip to the National Museum was indeed an enriching experience for me! I am able to learn about the past Singapore in a visual and audio way. I had also a great time listening to the interviews of those people who lived in the past Singapore…

To be on the Singapore flyers was another wonderful experience. To have a bird’s-eye view of Singapore and the earlier experience I had at the National Museum made me think about how much Singapore had progressed to achieve what she is now. We should not take the success of Singapore for granted.

Thanks for the memorable experience. :)

Siti Raudhah Ishak said...

Seriously... I had such a GReat Time.. tired but happy...All my life, never had a chance to visit the museum.. really did appreciate the chance given to explore the things dere.. if only we had more time dere...The learning journey really allowed me to experience a very warm and fuzzy feeling of love and pride for Singapore...It was a journey to the past at the museum and a peek to the future at the flyer.. It was fun too cos our family members also joined in ... that was what made it special... Anyway, kudos to the planning committee.... thank you again for the great experience...

Bernard said...

It was a very fruitful trip, especially the part when we went to the National Museum. I like the way they presented the history of Singapore and I was quite sad that we couldn't spend more time there. I will definitely go to the Museum on my own again to explore the area!

Anonymous said...

Pamela Leck said : Moving from the National Museum to the Flyer, it's a trip symbolic of Singapore transition from the past to the future. We see the history of Singapore at the Museum, how our forefathers built Singapore to what she is today. From the Flyer, we see the current skyline around the Financial District and can even visualise the new developments in the vicnity; the FI race track, the IR is evident that Singapore is moving forward in such fast a pace along with globalisation. We, as teachers, have to keep abreast with these changes. And more importantly, we have to teach our children to be always ready for new challenges in the face of constant change. Afterall, the future of Singapore lies in them.

Anonymous said...

Mark Lee said: I don't know whether because I am getting old, lately I have this strong feeling that I love Singapore. When I visited the Henderson Wave and the various park links all over Singapore, I realise that there are many beautiful places in Singapore that we should take time to visit and like what Siew Boon always tells me, go smell the flowers. I am thankful that the committee had arranged a visit to the Museum cos I think it is really a cool place. Do look out for cool exhibitions coming up on and off. Note that some are free.

yuet ying said...

Well, I had a free ride up the flyer! =) Always faced with this dilemna: Should I just sit and savour the sights and keep them in my mind? (What if I grow old and my memory fades?) or....Should I take pictures which I can use to stir up my memory when it is not working so well? Whatever it is...No regrets though! Enjoyed the ride and taking pictures! =)

siew boon said...

I was looking forward to seeing sunset on the flyer but a pity, it was kinda cloudy dat evening. Nevertheless, will look forward to seeing the next sunset =) Juz many of us actually spend time appreciating sunrise and sunset? Hmm, every sunrise brings hope and every sunset brings peace. These little and simple things in our lives should never be taken for granted.

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognising and appreciating what we do have." ~ Frederick Keonig

Salehati aka Saleha said...

It was one of the most wonderful learning journey we ever had. The journey was really educational(museum), scrumptuos(high-tea@swensons) and breathtaking(flyer). From this journey, i am just thankful and glad to be a Singaporean. Can we do it again? Maybe to other places in Singapore which i am sure there are out there yet to be explored. Thank you for the meaningful journey!

Shimin said...

I'm glad that I plucked up the courage to go on the flyer. I was deliberating if I should go up as I have a fear of heights and the thought of being stuck up there for 40min was scary. Well, all in all, it wasn't too scary (as long as I sat down and didn't walk right to the edge). Overall, it was a good experience, otherwise, I would never have gone up the flyer voluntarily :p

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, so did my mother-in-law.
The visit to the museum was very informative and interesting. My mother-in-law became my tour guide, giving me more explanations and stimulating recounts of her life experiences.
As for the Singapore Flyer, my mother-in-law looked forward to it more eagerly than I did. However,
she had to be convinced to come along with me. She overcame her fear of height when she realised the capsules move very slowly.

Thanks for the wonderful experience!

Karen said...

It's the first time that I actually stepped into our museum and was really impressed by the variety of exhibits dating way back into our history. The audio tour made the walk down memory lane meaningful. Alas, we had to skip many parts of the explanation so that we can cover most parts of the museum and rush to take a peek at the living gallery.
Nonetheless, i enjoyed the visit to the museum tremedously :)